The Melting Home 




Promoting Children’s rights

As Climate Activists through Story telling


 “The Melting Home” is an animated children’s story which promotes children’s rights as climate activists. The story follows a team of four children travelling on a mission after receiving an astral message from Ursa Minor (a constellation in the Northern Sky) guiding them to the Arctic to save the polar bears who are currently at risk of extinction because of climate change.  Despite the obstacles encountered during their journey, the team manage to fulfil their mission successfully by significantly slowing down the melting process of the habitat the polar bears depend on.

Inspired, among others, by activists such as Greta Thunberg, who have inspired millions by their expression of concern about climate change and the future of the environment, “The Melting Home” is a story for children which has been created with the participation of children themselves. It aims to motivate children to develop and practise skills which encourage climate change awareness. It also develops appreciation of ethical storytelling and art as a resource for exploring the interconnectedness between sustainable development and the rule of law.